How to call companies after sending your CV

How to call companies after sending your CV

After you have sent in your application, you will need to speak to the recruiter on the phone.

Unless you get hold of their mobile phone number, your efforts may come to a grinding halt when the person on the other end of the phone politely asks:

– “Who is calling, please?”

In the book “How to find a job in 30 days”, I tell a story that happened to me. It was the first time I tried this approach, and I still use this strategy…

Example of my phone conversation:

– “Good morning! I want to talk with John, please.”

The secretary corrected me and said: “With Dr. John? Who is calling, please?”

– “It’s Pedro Silva-Santos.” –  I replied confidently.

The secretary threw in a trick question:

– “Ok, Mr. Pedro. May I ask you the purpose of your call?”

Without hesitation, and sounding as cool as a cucumber, I said:

– “John is expecting my call.”

And then…

– “Just a moment, please!” – she said.

Tip: Your voice tone needs to change on the phone!

You need to speak with a voice tone that shows confidence and security.

The secretary may have told him:

– “Dr. John, Pedro Silva-Santos is on the phone. He said that you’re expecting his call.”

In the past, I was put on hold for a while until the sweet lady came back on the phone with something along these lines:

– “I’m sorry but Dr. John is in a meeting


– “He’s out today. Can you call back later, please?

But this time, seconds later, on the other side of the line was Dr. John sounding quite put out: “Yes!?”

I replied confidently: “Dr. John, good morning! It’s Pedro Silva-Santos from the company NOCTULA


Take a look at this video with the full story:

Some people tell me:
“One day, they will call you a liar!”

It’s not to possible to call me a liar, because one week before I sent him an email with the presentation of my company and, as I suggest you to do with your cover letter, I had already told him I would call in my presentation email:

I’ll call you next week to talk about that”.


I didn’t lie to the secretary when I said Dr. John was expecting my call. It’s not my fault if he didn’t read it! I delivered what I promised. 🙂

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