How to schedule delayed email delivery in Gmail and Outlook


Imagine this situation:
You have spent the entire weekend doing your CV and writing a cover letter but… it is now 4:30am and it’s a Sunday… so you can’t send an email with your application off now or it might get mixed up with all the spam mail the recruiter is bombarded with over the weekend.

Create an email signature – for free

Como criar uma assinatura de email - Capítulo 11 do livro "Como conseguir emprego em 30 dias"

In the book “How to find a job in 30 days”, I wrote a chapter about the importance of creating an appealing email signature. This article visually complements the text. I believe that this is the best way to help you!

Talk to a stranger as if he was your uncle

Instead of seeing someone that you don’t know as unknown stranger, do what the speaker and author Nicholas Boothman suggests: “Talk to a “stranger” as if he was your uncle” – someone that would make you happy to speak to and with whom you can be yourself.

What do you look like on the Internet?

your-internet-presence 01-your-internet-presence How to find a job in 30 days

When you type your name into a search engine like Google what comes up? Will people be able to find any information about you on the first page of results of an internet search?

The secrets for an impressive resume (CV)

Successful candidates keep up to date with the latest trends in writing CVs. All employers want to hire proactive, dynamic people. An old fashioned CV reflects a boring personality, while a modern CV reflects a dynamic personality. An old-fashioned CV makes you look boring, but a modern-looking CV will help you to come across as […]