Top 9 of the worst Facebook posts and pictures!

Top 9 of the worst Facebook posts and pictures!

You scare companies with your email address!!!

… and with your Facebook profile?

Here I’ll present some of the worst Facebook profiles and some weird comments or terrible posts like that:

Example 1:

“J” posted this on Facebook: “How did people no what roads to take before google maps was made?”

(see: the word ‘no’ is misspelled)

Someone commented: “They used maps…” and “J” answered: “wat?? No, I said before google maps…”

Example 2:

“Tonite is the night of all nights… tonight is the night to drink, we’re you cant stand up straight. To party like u never partyed before, and to wake up with a banging hangover like no other. Cause tonight is the last real night of summer vacations… Soo lets live it up.”

Yeahhh… I need to hire this guy, because we’ll have amazing parties at the company… ever week! 🙂

During my Seminars, it’s usual to hear:

“…ok, but I use Facebook for personal purposes!”

No… everyone can see things about you on your Facebook, so, take care of your Facebook profile, ok?

You’re losing opportunities because of that.

Example 3: An image of Mount Rushmore

In this picture, Anthony wrote: “crazy how nature make dat”

Nature? Really? Let find out who is Anthony, because I don’t want this guy in my campany. 🙂

Example 4: This is terrible!

Kasey shared this sexy picture on her Facebook profile and wrote:“After abortion an still looking hot as Hell!”

Girl… you can’t play with this kind of subjects!

Someone commented: “Did it hurt?”

And she said: “Nah… I lost like 10 pounds!”

What?? God, this is terrible!

Maybe you’re thinking: “it’s not possible, no one posts a thing like that?

Yes,  this exists! It’s possible to see every day on Facebook!

Example 5: 

Janice post this on her Facebook profile: “Janice is listed as single.”

Her son wrote:  “You and dad divorced?”

Janice said: “I forgot to mention that to you.”

Everyone can see this… even your children. Be careful!

Example 6: 

Why the hell do you need to show your body every time you have a new piercing or a new tatoo?

In this example, someone wrote: “Got a new piercing”!

If you share that kind of pictures on Facebook you’ll receive comments like that: “take this down!”

Example 7: No comments…

“Ka…” shared this picture and wrote:Let the other girls out home, so I’m bringing these girls out!”

And received amazing comments:

  • “Mom what time are you coming home”.
  • “We’re hungry”.

You have to realize that kids write directly on your Facebook posts, they don’t use private messages! 🙂

Example 8: Visiting grandma…

“Reg…” posted this on her Facebook profile: “Visiting grandma today!

Really? Almost naked?

And received some interesting comments:

  • “why you are naked?
  • “You taking naked selfies at grandma’s?”
  • “Take this down, I’m telling dad.”
Example 8: The proud husband!

“Tom” wrote a beautiful description of this photo: “Look at my beautiful wife. Couldn’t ask for a better mother to my children!”

… the proud husband! 🙂

“Amanda” (his daughter) commented: “Oh my god, dad, take this down! Seriously, my friends can see this!”

“Todd” (his son) commented: “Dad, wtf!”

Remember: The recruiters will search your name, or your email, on social networks so, you have to “work” your profiles to impress them.

Take a look at this video during my Seminar:

Source: BuzzFeed

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