You have been called for an interview… now what?

You have been called for an interview… now what?

In the book “How to find a job in 30 days“, I wrote a chapter about the importance of researching everything you can about the company that has called you for an interview.


If you have been called for a job interview, it means that you have passed the first test – your application made a good impression. Now you need to plan how you are going to be successful in the interview too.

Find out all you can about the company that contacted you. Look on the company website for:

– What type of business they are in;

– How long they have been in the market;

– Recent projects;

– Company history;

– The company values and mission statement;

– Who the HR manager is;

– Who started the company, etc…

To avoid getting lost and therefore late for your interview, plan your trip to the company or the place where the interview is being held, in advance:

– Where is it?

– Is there free parking or should you take public transport? Check timetables to get you there in plenty of time.

Be careful about what you choose to wear to the interview too, as first impressions make a huge and lasting impact.

I recommend you take your business cards and a copy of your ID card or driving licence and the CV that you sent to the company interviewing you. You might like to take examples of your work and certificates which might be needed. That way, if they want to hire you there and then, you’ll have everything ready to hand in at the interview.

I also suggest that you read this article from Alyse Kalish on Business Insider: “11 things to do the night before an interview if you want to land the job“.

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