Visual chapters

If you are reading the book “How to find a job in 30 days“, you will already have realized that each chapter has links to pages where you will learn a little bit more about the topics addressed.

If you don’t yet have the book “How to find a job in 30 days“, you can purchase it here.

In this section, there are articles that complement the text of the book visually as I believe this is the easiest way to teach you what to do on each of the 30 days.

Whenever there are relevant updates in each of the topics, they will be posted here and on social networks.


Make a list of the companies you want to contact

If I asked you to show me the list of companies you have sent your curriculum to, I doubt you could. Huummm… I suspect that you don’t keep a record the contacts that you make!
To help you, I’ve created a very simple Excel file where you should make a note all the applications that you’re going to send from now on.

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Your internet presence

In the book “How to find a job in 30 days”, I wrote a chapter about the importance of checking what your presence on the internet looks like. This article visually complements the text of that chapter. I believe that this is the best way to help you!

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