The worst email addresses on resumes

The worst email addresses on resumes

Search your name on Google.

What do you look like on the Internet?

A lot of people usually say:

“I’m looking for a job, I don’t care how I look like on the Internet…!”

You need to care, because if your CV stand out, the recruiters will search your name and your email address on Google… you can be sure!

Some people have terrible email addresses… It’s nice to create a bad email address when we have fifteen years old, but you can not send your CV using emails like that:

… and this is not the worst email address! 🙂 See this one:

Nice… your friends will love it but remember:

“You have sent your CV to a company, trying to get the job!

 … your email address can not be like these examples.”


I have an environmental consulting company and in a weekly basis we receive a lot of job applications.

One day I received a CV from a girl and her email address was:

( I’m sorry for the most sensitive people!)

What a hell!! Are you crazy?

If you’re sending your CV to an erotic restaurant, maybe we can think: “Ooooooooh very nice email address!” 🙂

Please, avoid this kind of email addresses, ok?

(I refer this example in my book: “How to find a job in 30 days” – chapter 1).

People are sending a lot of CV to companies and get no answer! Why?

Because they’re scaring companies!

You can scare companies with “simple” things like your email address.

Do you think you also scare companies with your profile on social networks?

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Source: BuzzFeed

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