Should you use the european CV model?

Should you use the european CV model?

A lot of people are using the european CV model but… it’s not possible to stand out from the crowd if you use the same model as everyone.

You need to use different models to stand out, to show your creativity!

Use and adapt one of these CV models in Word…

I’ve created CV models that are fully editable and customisable in WORD.

In this article you’ll find a long list of CV models in Word: www.job30days.com/day20

So, there is no excuse if you are still writing CVs which look as if they have been mass–produced and are one-size fits all.

Do you think there are perfect CV models?

There are huge discussions about the template that should be used to create the perfect CV!

Let me tell you: “There is no perfect CV!  It is not possible to have a CV that fits perfectly to all types of jobs!”

In the book “How to find a job in 30 days”, I wrote a chapter about the list of questions that you should consider when you write your resumé (CV) and your cover letter.

Take a look at this video during my Seminar:

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