Tips to stand out in the crowd

Tips to stand out in the crowd

In the book “How to find a job in 30 days”, I wrote a chapter on this topic. If you have already applied all the tips, I have no doubt that you will start getting noticed.

Think about it:

– How many people have filled out their profiles properly on social networks?

– How many people read and share good content?

– How many emails do you get with a full signature, including a photo, all contacts details and links to social media?

– How many people personalise their LinkedIn invitations?

– How many people thank others for accepting their invitations on LinkedIn?

– How many business cards have you seen with a photo on them?

– How many people do you know who have married one of Celia’s sisters?

… and the list goes on and on!

I expect the answer to these questions is “few people” or “none“!


Look after your appearance. Keep your skin clean and free from becoming oily. Keep your lips and hands hydrated – it’s horrible shaking hands with people whose hands rip your skin off because theirs is like sand paper.

Ladies, you should careful with your nails – if you varnish your nails, keep them looking good.

As for your personality, leave your mark wherever you go! Don’t be afraid to give your opinion, but avoid getting into arguments with idiots who just want to be negative about everything. That’s true for everything you publish online too.


Dare to think, feel and behave truly differently and you will achieve truly great things!


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