Choose the profession that you would like to work in

Choose the profession that you would like to work in

In the book “How to find a job in 30 days”, I wrote a chapter about how you should think about your profession.

Always remember that opportunities only exist because there’s a need that needs to be satisfied.

In this article I give some examples that, besides being some weird professions, arise out of market need and so generate job opportunities.

Lake ball retrievers on golf courses:

apanhador de bolas de golf profissões mais estranhas

Donkey Barbers:

profissões mais estranhas barbeiro burro

Leech Breeder:

profissões mais estranhas criador sanguessugas

Men’s underwear designer:

profissões mais estranhas designer cuecas

“People pusher” in Tokyo subway:

profissões mais estranhas empurrador de pessoas metr

Odour Tester:

profissões mais estranhas juíza de odores

Dog food taster:

profissões mais estranhas provedora comida cães

Chewing gum remover:

profissões mais estranhas removedor de pastilhas

Hotel bed tester:

profissões mais estranhas testar colchões

Sources: Jobs worldwide, Daily Mail, Globe

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Book "How to find a job in 30 days"

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