Finish your cover letter with something like that

Finish your cover letter ...

Posted by Emprego 30 Dias

In the book “How to find a job in 30 days”, I wrote a chapter about how you should contact companies by email. I suggest that you finish your cover letter with something like that: “I’ll call next week to talk about this…” You must be thinking: “Why should I write this? I won’t call companies!” Believe in me… you need to call companies! Let me give you an example: If you want to buy a car, you go to a car dealer, choose the car, do a test driv..

Should you use the european CV model?

Should you use the europe...

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A lot of people are using the european CV model but… it’s not possible to stand out from the crowd if you use the same model as everyone. You need to use different models to stand out, to show your creativity! Use and adapt one of these CV models in Word… I’ve created CV models that are fully editable and customisable in WORD. In this article you’ll find a long list of CV models in Word: “So, there is no excuse if you are still wr..

The worst email addresses on resumes

The worst email addresses...

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Search your name on Google. What do you look like on the Internet? A lot of people usually say: “I’m looking for a job, I don’t care how I look like on the Internet…!” You need to care, because if your CV stand out, the recruiters will search your name and your email address on Google… you can be sure! Some people have terrible email addresses… It’s nice to create a bad email address when we have fifteen years old, but you can not send your CV usin..

Top 9 of the worst Facebook posts and pictures!

Top 9 of the worst Facebo...

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You scare companies with your email address!!! … and with your Facebook profile? Here I’ll present some of the worst Facebook profiles and some weird comments or terrible posts like that: Example 1: “J” posted this on Facebook: “How did people no what roads to take before google maps was made?” (see: the word ‘no’ is misspelled) Someone commented: “They used maps…” and “J” answered: “wat?? No, I said before g..

How to schedule delayed email delivery in Gmail and Outlook

How to schedule delayed e...

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Imagine this situation: You have spent the entire weekend doing your CV and writing a cover letter but… it is now 4:30am and it’s a Sunday… so you can’t send an email with your application off now or it might get mixed up with all the spam mail the recruiter is bombarded with over the weekend. Outlook users will know that it is possible schedule emails to be sent at a time and date of your choosing. Simply go to “Options” and click on “Delay delivery “, ..

Create an email signature – for free

Create an email signature...

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In the book “How to find a job in 30 days”, I wrote a chapter about the importance of creating an appealing email signature. This article visually complements the text. I believe that this is the best way to help you! Take a look at this video: Create your email signature for free Image 1: Image 2: Image 3: Image 4: Image 5: Image 6: Image 7: Image 8: Image 9 (please, don’t use beach photos on your email signature): 🙂 Image 10: Image 11: Image 12: Image 13 (your Fa..

How to avoid the secretary on the phone?

How to avoid the secretar...

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After you have sent in your application, you will need to speak to the recruiter on the phone. Unless you get hold of their mobile phone number, your efforts may come to a grinding halt when the person on the other end of the phone politely asks: – “Who is calling, please?” or “Certainly, sir, and what is the nature of your call?”   Take a look at this video: Those of you with little experience in these matters will answer both questions with innocent sincerity, not realising ..